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A manifesto of men’s rights

From Pelle Billing:

Men in every civilized country have the right to claim:

  1. That paternity be routinely established using DNA testing.
  2. That an established paternity automatically enable the same rights and responsibilities as an established maternity.
  3. That the default arrangement after a separation be joint legal and physical custody of any children; only to be changed if the parents voluntarily decide to do so, or if one of the parties be determined unfit to be a parent by a court of law.
  4. That women’s shelters receive no government grants unless they are transformed into human shelters, where all victims of domestic violence can get the help they need (women, men, children).
  5. That all human shelters be run professionally, under the same strict standards as those of other social services.
  6. That the military be staffed by people who apply voluntarily, and who receive a fair and reasonable compensation for the risks they assume.
  7. That conscription be used only for extreme reasons of national safety, and that such a measure be gender neutral.
  8. That the principle of “innocent until proven guilty” be upheld at all times, including allegations of rape or sexual harassment.
  9. That gender research be as free from ideology as any other academic field.
  10. That male expendability be recognized as a major gender issue.
  11. That boys be allowed to be proud of their coming manhood.
  12. That schools recognize the needs of boys and the learning styles of boys, so as to give them a fair chance of performing well.
  13. That men’s groups be given the same legal and practical opportunities as women’s groups to obtain funding.
  14. That male sexuality be portrayed in a positive and encouraging manner.
  15. That male circumcision only be legal for adults who voluntarily choose this kind of surgery.
  16. That prisons be organized in such a way as to prevent rape and other forms of assault.
  17. That meritocracy be the governing principle in the labor market, and that all forms of affirmative action and gender quotas disappear.
  18. That misandry be opposed just as vehemently as misogyny.
  19. That all legislation discriminating against men be made gender neutral or removed.
  20. That the historical sacrifice of the male gender role be recognized to the same extent as the historical sacrifice of the female gender role.

So I found this manifesto to be an interesting read and it appears to present fairly some of the major issues the men’s rights movement is aiming to address.