About the man who intentionally comes here to kill his ego.


Don’t let the title fool you, I’m not in it for the self-deprication or spiritual high, and I’m certainly not in it for the money.

I’m  a 24 year old Irish man living in the UK. This blog is about things I havn’t even considered yet so the ends are open on its category. However, I am intending to write a series of blogs called the “I am…” series. It will be about identifiers that we use. Taking the edge off them to allow people to have a laugh. However, if you take something from it and maybe get some food for thought, share it. There are starving brains everywhere and they need your help.

Another topic which is likely to raise itself more often will be gender and social politics. I have my leanings to supporting male rights. I was born with a penis and XY chromosomes so it makes sense to not want that obstruct me anymore than it does already. I may even take a serious tone on these matters. That would be gender politics.

As for social politics, I will probably be going for the cumulative assessment of history with context of politics. I admire the likes of Adam Curtis in this regard for what they do.

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